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Cannabis in Oregon

posted by: on Sep 21 2017

Part Two of our States of Cannabis series is taking a look at Cannabis in Oregon. This piece was written by Melissa, one of our talented contributing writers. Oregon has always been ahead of the game where cannabis is concerned: this state decriminalized cannabis use back in 1973, before it was fashionable. Over 40 years [...]

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What the Heck Are Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

posted by: on Sep 14 2017

If you thought you were a seasoned canna-know-it-all until you came across the term “feminized seeds”, don’t worry - you can still proudly carry your title. Many people who have used medical or recreational cannabis for years have not heard of feminized seeds for one simple reason: it doesn’t matter in the realm of prepared [...]

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Cannabis in Colorado

posted by: on Sep 08 2017

Colorado is well-known as one of the most liberal states in the USA, when it comes to the use of cannabis. Since 2012, residents of Colorado have proudly bore the right to use marijuana in a recreational or “private” manner - in other words, they don’t need to have a medical marijuana card or a [...]

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Why Buy Wholesale Cannabis Seeds? Why Not!

posted by: on Aug 31 2017

The Individual Cannabis Seed Customer Before we get to all the details of our wholesale cannabis seeds, let’s start small. At Growers Choice, our customers love us for our dedication to quality, our fantastic prices and customer service, and our range of pack sizes; if you just want to try your hand at growing cannabis [...]

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Can I Mix Cannabis with My Medication?

posted by: on Aug 16 2017

A lot of people who use cannabis medicinally are doing so with the goal of cutting back on or eliminating their use of more traditional pharmaceuticals, but as much as it is an incredible plant, cannabis just can't treat or cure everything - sometimes other medicine is required. So, the question is: is it safe [...]

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Bees and Cannabis: What’s The Deal?

posted by: on Aug 09 2017

Last week, we shared a cool video of a bee sitting on a cannabis leaf, and it got me thinking about the interaction between this flora and fauna. Given all the concern lately about the bee population and problems with introducing foreign plants to bee habitats, it’s a fair question! Cannabis not native to our [...]

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Smart Cannabis: How Long Should I Wait After Using Cannabis To Drive?

posted by: on Jul 26 2017

Cannabis is an excellent medicine for deep relaxation and relief from mental stress, anxiety, and depression. But the very effects that help can also dull your reflexes and leave you groggy or spacy. Everyone knows paranoia is a potential side effect of cannabis, but even if your favorite strain doesn’t affect you that way, most [...]

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Microdosing with Cannabis?

posted by: on Jun 22 2017

For decades, cannabis was used as a harmless recreational substance, called upon to ease stress and invoke relaxation, widely known for its popularity with “hippies”, but hardly exclusive to their ranks. Over the years, some enthusiasts began seeking cannabis as a way to get as high as possible – one or two puffs might become [...]

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Guest Post: The Ultimate Cannabis Vaping Guide

posted by: on Jun 14 2017

We're so happy to welcome Michael to our blog today, to tell us all about vaporizing with cannabis! Michael is a marketing and creative content specialist at GotVape.com with a primary focus on customer satisfaction. Technology and fitness combined with a healthy lifestyle obsession are his main talking points. Take it away, Michael! Vaporizing with [...]

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Cannabinoid Feature: CBDA

posted by: on May 24 2017

You’ve heard of THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis that creates that mental “high” everyone’s always talking about, and that also offers a whole host of medicinal benefits like stimulating appetite, easing nausea and vomiting, calming asthma attacks and relieving eye pressure in glaucoma patients. It’s likely you’ve also run across CBD – THC’s non-psychoactive [...]

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