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Cannabis in Massachusetts

posted by: on Nov 16 2017

Our States of Cannabis series continues with a look at a cannabis advocacy capital: Massachusetts! Written by: Melissa If you are a cannabis lover, it might be time for a road trip. Martha’s Vineyard, Fenway Park, the imitable Harvard Square... whatever sights top your list, pack your pot, because Massachusetts is waiting for you, and [...]

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Cannabis Business Endeavors in the US

posted by: on Nov 09 2017

A warm welcome to our guest blogger! Kathrin Garner is an enthusiastic journalist and writes article on social issues. As an activist, she takes part in NCSM program, which is a discussion platform on relevant cannabis topics, such as "The Best Way to get Weed out of your System". She searches for and writes about [...]

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Cannabis in Alaska

posted by: on Nov 02 2017

Although you have to contend with icy temperatures and perhaps the odd wild bear or maybe moose, there’s one major fringe benefit for pot proponents living, loving and heading to the frozen north – cannabis use is legal in Alaska, and has been in some capacity since 1975, when the Alaskan Supreme Court ruled in [...]

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Cannabis and Pregnancy

posted by: on Oct 26 2017

Like almost every topic surrounding cannabis, the discussion about marijuana and pregnancy features warring sides and strong opinions in both camps. In general, we at Growers Choice recommend abstaining from any extraneous substances during your pregnancy, unless a doctor has given you the go-ahead, but today we’re going to take a look at the arguments [...]

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Cannabis in Nevada

posted by: on Oct 19 2017

Here’s a crazy and fun fact: in the first month after Nevada legalized recreational marijuana and dispensaries were allowed to open their doors to all users, they racked up a cool $27 million in sales. In one month! It’s safe to say that Nevada is as cannabis-friendly a state as they come, and that's great [...]

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Cannabis and the Munchies

posted by: on Oct 12 2017

You probably know that eating cannabis makes most people hungry. And not just the tummy-rumbling sensation that reminds you it’s almost dinnertime – sometimes you’ll be overcome with the all-encompassing, eat-everything-in-sight, full-fledged Munchies. Why Does Cannabis Cause the Munchies? There’s a number of reasons scientists believe cannabis causes an increase in appetite. THC and other [...]

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Cannabis in California

posted by: on Oct 05 2017

Part Three of our States of Cannabis series takes us to beautiful California, the Golden State! Written by: Melissa Decades ago, hippies from all across the U.S. descended on the state of California, and with them they brought their liberal views and love of that hallucinogenic plant, cannabis. At the time, marijuana was considered illegal [...]

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What Are the Health Benefits of Cannabis?

posted by: on Sep 28 2017

For years, there has been a back-and-forth between advocates for both sides, for and against the health benefits of cannabis. The latter argues either there are no medical uses to be found in cannabis or that the risks far outweigh the benefits. Unfortunately, there are also enough pro-cannabis advocates arguing the hard-to-believe opposite: that cannabis [...]

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Cannabis in Oregon

posted by: on Sep 21 2017

Part Two of our States of Cannabis series is taking a look at Cannabis in Oregon. This piece was written by Melissa, one of our talented contributing writers. Oregon has always been ahead of the game where cannabis is concerned: this state decriminalized cannabis use back in 1973, before it was fashionable. Over 40 years [...]

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What Are Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

posted by: on Sep 14 2017

It's a question we know has been keeping you awake at night: What are feminized cannabis seeds? Many people who have used medical or recreational cannabis for years have not heard of feminized seeds for one simple reason: the term is inconsequential in the realm of prepared cannabis. That’s really the major take-away for feminized [...]

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